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There's Gold In Them Hills!


If you are unable to find what you are looking for, or just want someone to check your property for valuables, I am available to assist you.


If, for example, you cannot find that lost ring or property stakes, I will come to you with more sophisticated machines and attempt to find what you are looking for.  Or, if you think there might be gold on your property or there is an old family legend about buried treasure, I will come look for it.


Be prepared with as much information as you can think of to help me in the search.  A vague notion or a rumor of treasure isn’t enough to base a realistic search on, especially if it involves a large area.


I have a working knowledge of geology to know what to look for in an area that might contain gold.  I also have experience in the human nature aspect of where someone might have buried something.  But, the more we can narrow down the area, the better our chances of success.


My rates for something like this are negotiable.  We can base it on hourly, daily, or a percentage of the value, if found.

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