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With every detector I sell, detailed training is provided.


An explanation of all the setting sand responses is gone over in detail with my customer.  I realize that most of what I say will be forgotten soon, as it seems like a foreign language to most.  That’s why I tell all my customers to please call me or come back if they have any questions or don’t understand something.  I will even take them out into the field and train them under actual conditions.  There is no extra charge for this.  It is a service I provide to each customer who buys a machine from me.


I am a full service dealer and always have been. However, if you bought a machine somewhere else or inherited grandpas old machine, and you need to figure out how to work it, well, that’s a bit different.  If you come to me, I will help you figure it out and give you some basic training.  But if you want me to go out and show you how it works in the field, then I will have to charge for my time.  What I know cost me a lot and I can’t just give it away.


I am here to help everyone learn and enjoy this fascinating hobby.  A detector is like a time machine to me.  With every object I recover, I wonder about when it was lost and what was going on around me at that time.  History is a marvelous diversion.  I can get lost in the mists of time by reliving and touching the past with everything I find. So can you!  Join me!

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