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A Few Of Digger Bob's Videos

Below you will find helpful and educational videos to help guide you in your exciting hunt for gold, coins, and other treasures. We would like to inspire you to not only have a dream, but to take steps to live out that dream.


We can educate you in learning to take small steps towards your goal, and with time you may be running to share your dream which has become a reality!


When hunting for gold, not everyone will find exactly what they are looking for, however, there are many treasures to be found where ever your feet and Bob's metal detectors may lead you.


Don't be afraid to be an explorer, for life is a journey and sometimes the biggest surprises are found through patience, endurance and faith.  Watch the video of the Monster Nugget discovered in our very own Butte Foothills! We have put together a few videos that can help you along in your hunt for treasure from any where in the world!

Paradise Prospector - A Golden Opportunity at the Damaged Spillway.

OROVILLE, Calif. - While crews continue to clean up debris at the base of the Oroville Dam's severely damaged spillway, gold prospectors are salivating at what lays beneath the "beautiful exposed brand new bedrock."


One of those prospectors is Bob Van Camp, who goes by the name Digger Bob and sells Comstock metal detectors out of his house in Paradise.


Click on the image below to see the video and read the entire article from KRCR.

Butte Nugget Discovered

TDI - SL Tips and Help - Part 2

Treasure Hunting USA

Rye Patch Nugget Shoot 2016

Digger Bob Gold Pkg

The Rye Patch Nugget Shoot - 2016 was a free event that attracted people from across the world and across generations. With over 80 lbs of foreign coins, over 1,000 wheat penny's, silver dimes and more, this was an exciting event and learning experience for all.


Watch and follow along as you are taken back in time with Digger Bob as he speaks about finding one of his most prized possessions,  the historic struggles and survival on the immigrants trail through Nevada.

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